About ‘Stories of SSEAYP’

The idea for this site was born during the 45th SSEAYP. During the program, the NLs held a fun & friendly contest on board Nippon Maru called “SSEAYP’s Got Impact”. It’s intention was to encourage PYs to have deeper conversations with each other.

The hope was for PYs to really get to know each other when they interact – what are they most proud of, what are their ambitions, what are their motivations, what are their wishes for their family/community/nation/world, etc.

Everyone has interesting and inspiring stories to tell. This contest was meant to encourage PYs to dig out those stories from their fellow PYs.

PYs submitted the most impactful stories they heard and the submitted stories was judged according to 2 different categories:

‘Most Impactful Achievement’ Category
This category was for submissions that portrayed the most impactful achievements in terms of impact on society.

‘The Person/Story That Had The Most Impact On You’ Category
This category was for submissions that portrayed persons/stories that inspired the listener the most, such that he/she is inspired to change something about his/her life or initiate a social contribution project.

So this site was started to publish the stories that were received. However, we are not stopping there because we were so heartened and inspired by those stories. So much so that we were encouraged and motivated to continue collecting such inspirational stories. We are positive there are many more similar stories to be found among SSEAYP alumni. These stories deserve a wider audience and the world needs to know about them.

It is our earnest hope that these uplifting stories will go on to inspire others who in turn become inspirations themselves.

So, if you know of other SSEAYP alumni who have such inspiring stories that deserve to be heard, please let us know. We are determined to collect those stories.