About Donny (IPY, 45th SSEAYP) & His Medical Achievements

Story By:
Norhaslina Shahira Binti Hasan Basri
(MaPY, 45th SSEAYP)

Introducing a guy originating from a small area in the western part of Java Island, Indonesia. He is Donny Ramadhan. We met for the first time at the Opening Ceremony of SSEAYP 2018, way back in October 2018. He introduced himself as Donny and that was it, we did not continue the conversation as we continued walking around New Otani Hotel to socialize with other people.

As time goes by, we kept crossing paths with each other. We were in the same DG and that was when the magic happened.

I’m amazed by how Indonesia chooses their delegates, so I asked him how the selection process goes. I am even more amazed when he told me he traveled 18 hours back and forth from his university to his hometown where the selection process took place. He spent most of his money and energy to travel just to go to the selection process.

I asked him one question, “Is it worth it?”, and he answered “I sacrificed a lot to get here (SSEAYP) and it’s not about worth it or not. I am going to make it worth it.”

That answer really made me question back why am I here. That answer really changed my perspective to not just look at the hard part of the journey, but to also look at the bright side. If there is no bright side, then you’re the one who is responsible to make it bright.

Donny Ramadhan, a 22 years old young man with a thousand dreams in his mind, who always forces himself to achieve what he wants.

He’s not a typical medical student, he is living with the medical branding. He is the founder of My Dents, meds application and also 3 other prototype patents. In the 3rd year of his studies, he created a start-up company which engaged in health field, education and medicine. It is called Steril Indonesia. A start-up company which has entrepreneurship and sociopreneur values in it. His love of inventing and creating something new in order to help people brings him to create ‘Garbage Clinical Insurance’. He does research to develop an innovation to become an invention. For the Garbage Clinical Insurance, he works together with other parties to provide free health services and health insurance for those who are underprivileged by simply redeeming their garbage/trash in conversion with medical treatment.

I asked myself, he is just 1 year older than me, but why is he already doing all these to help people. Why can’t I make use of my medical background and my free time to help people like what he did. He keeps on inspiring me to do better every time he opens his mouth.

With his strong desire to help people, he invented Dentmox (Dental magic bot with automatic ultraviolet basic sterilizing innovation) that won 1st place in an international competition of invention ‘The Resolution Project’ held in Boston, USA. Not only that, he also was personally invited to get a chance to study at Harvard University last year by a Harvard professor. Behind this prestigious recognition, he actually struggled and faced many challenges to find sponsors to make his dream come true.

I was in awe; he keeps on surprising me with his never ending achievements.

Despite his busy schedule as a medical student, a pianist, ambassador of his university and a founder of various websites, he never forgets why he is doing this. It is not for him, it is to help people. One out of many things that I am amazed by him is that, I asked him “What keeps you going? How can you achieve all this?”. He replied “All of I have achieved and did is made of 5% hard work, the remaining 95% is from my mother’s prayer”.

He inspired me on so many levels, with his achievements and inventions I realized that the sky is truly the limit. I am the pilot of my own life, if I want it I can achieve it. Because of him I realized that there are so many things that I can do to help people, even from the smallest things. Because of his story, I realized that nothing is impossible. Because of him, I want to do more than just studying pharmacy. Because of him, I want to collaborate with him to help people with our medical background. Because of him, I will never give up in my dreams.

Because of Donny Ramadhan, I want to be the change maker.
I believe that God sent me him for a reason.

Meet Donny Ramadhan.
[IPY, 45th SSEAYP]

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