About Jerry (IPY, 45th SSEAYP) & His Father

Story By:
Muhd Nabil Bin Hj Ismail
(BPY, 45th SSEAYP)

This is really just a short story but it is really relatable to me. When you speak to Jerry, you can tell how much he loves his culture and his community. You can see his culture just from meeting him but related to me the most was when he told me about his song. His brother is a singer and he made an album named ‘Dedication’. It is about whom he dedicated a song for. One of the songs was for his father. Jerry co-wrote and sang the song with him and he said when he wrote the song, they couldn’t stop crying. The song was about the father’s struggle in supporting his family and they were telling the father to rest. You can tell from the song how the father was and how Jerry’s character was build. The reason it inspires me is more to show appreciation for your family because both our fathers would do anything for their children and expect nothing in return jsut so we remain happy!

Meet Yeremia Fakdawer (Jerry).
[IPY, 45th SSEAYP]

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