P-assion U-nleashed I-n the hearts of every learner

Story By:
Christian Toni Sunga
(PPY, 45th SSEAYP)

Gone are the days that teachers are just plainly transmitting lessons and knowledge to students through lecture and merely discussions. In this century, education demands 21st century pedagogical skills which will empower the new generation of learners.

As an educator, I truly understand how difficult it is to engage learners who are living in the Digital Era. It is indeed a challenge to catch the attention and interest of learners especially now that they are bombarded with technology and trends.

But there is one PY who really made a huge impact in the hearts and minds of PYs especially to me. She caused me to have a paradigm shift in the way I see things in the vocation of education. Her incomparable skills and prowess in teaching is highly commendable. She used to be the “favorite teacher” because of her trendy and relatable strategies in teaching. I admire her for being unpredictable yet spontaneous. She told me about her inspirations which inspired me even more – her students. A teacher who thinks outside the box and goes beyond the box. She passionately provide a learner-centered education that gives opportunity to learners to be themselves. She is not particular in uniformity but when she teaches there is sincerity and consistency. She might break some rules but in her field of expertise she rules. I can imagine a bright future for her country because I know her students are in good hands. She triggered the passion in me to do best when I go back to my country and teach the youth. I know that an educator like her is highly needed in every country. I honestly feel tired of my job but when I knew about her story I was filled with gas to continue the journey with my students waiting for me after SSEAYP. I plan to change and enhance my ways of teaching because of her story.

She sees a story in every eye of a child. This leads her to becoming a multi-awarded story teller through short films in her country both local and national level. She uses her talent in story telling and skills in imagination on putting genuine stories in the art of film making. Only few people can tell stories and create films out of them. But this PY seems to do it effortlessly. Making dreams real does not start when you are old, it starts now.

She may be mischievous and happy-go-lucky at times, but sincerely, she never fails to push me and other PYs to be the best of ourselves and be as radiant and magnificent as the stars! Truly an inspiration for everyone.

Inspires the youth in Thailand, how wonderful the world is because of Teacher Duangjai (PUI-TPY)!

Meet Phairotwarakan Duangjai (Pui).
[TPY, 45th SSEAYP]

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