About Pui (TPY, 45th SSEAYP) – a Teacher & Artist

Story By:
Qasim Butt Khalid
(PPY, 45th SSEAYP)

My expectation before I went to board the ship vs. what really is on the ship is different I learned that the only way to enjoy this is for me to know at least one from each country that I will have a deep connection with despite all the language and cultural barriers and so I decided to know few people. The person that inspired me is Pui from Thailand she is a simple person with a high dream. She might be famous because she is funny and will sometimes be loud but most of the time she observes and I watch her observe other people. She has this Aura of a person that resembles a bamboo it can bend but will never break. Also she has a warrior spirit like a grain that will only bend down if it has a grain inside (those that stand tall are empty inside haha) anyway how did she inspire me?? By her profile and by the way she present herself vs. on how she really did everything for her contingent.

We had an NP meeting (gathering most of the people in charge of the NP ) to talk about all out struggle and all the things we have done to come up with the NP concepts that he had performed and on all stories she has the most inspiring one. No one believed that she can revise the concept that the Thailand contingent has for the NP because she is just a teacher and yes they said that to her “JUST A TEACHER ” and according to her she is a teacher from.the province of Thailand so no one believed she can do it. She was never been part of the NP team but she gave the concept and the director of the short video that they have. What’s amazing is the last part of the story when she said that the only time she ever got a yes from the group is after the performance on the ship … ON THE SHIP that they believed in her idea and she said after the performance she was just standing at the back while everybody is happy taking photos and shouting their cheers she was there looking at each and everyone of her contingent and said that her part is done because that is being a teacher. That statement got me.

I know it sounds like its not really inspiring but for an artist like me what she said is good. No one believed her but she believed in them. Also read her profile book and she will have the same description about her being the darkness that gives an avenue for a star to shine.

Meet Phairotwarakan Duangjai (Pui).
[TPY, 45th SSEAYP]

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