About Wafiy (BPY, 45th SSEAYP) & International Exposure

Story By:
Datu Hamsur J. Zaid
[PPY, 45th SSEAYP]

“Hamsur, I have plenty of cup noodles under the table. You can get. Don’t be shy. I am preparing that in my travels because I am a little bit foodie.” Then he laughs. This is the usual scenario in cabin 306, near the prayer room, five minutes before lights off. (Because we’re good PYs. Haha)

Wafiy is an ‘international figure’. Yes. I labelled him international since he always allows himself to be exposed around the world. To name, he was the national youth leader of Brunei Darussalam at the ASEAN-Korea Youth Exchange Program this year before SSEAYP; then studied Business Communication under the Discovery Year Programme as a student exchange in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2017. In 2015, he was the delegate of his country to India for an ASEAN Student Excange visit. In 2013, he was again the delegate of Brunei Darussalam to China for an eight-day expository tour. Pak! (That of Toni’s)

“Hamsur, we have to sustain our partnerships for continuing gains.” He uttered when I asked why he is doing this.

Honestly, I am very much amazed. For me, he is worthy of emulation.

Some of his voluntary activities are beach clean-ups, tree planting, and giving relief goods for the flood victims in Brunei Darussalam.

Yes, I can say, if we have an international exposure, then you can able to collaborate with people of multiple disciplines outside your living environs. I can consider those as high development and a certain level of gravitas that can be deliberated in the future.

Whatever I do, wherever I go and whoever I am in the future, I will not forget that my cabinmate Wafiy had a great part of it. Terima kasih brother!

And finally, this struck me the most. Early morning after their NP, he handed me his complete set of B attire.

Meet Muhammad Wafiy Haji Norhalim.
[BPY, 45th SSEAYP]

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